Charlotte Wendes

For more than 20 years, Charlotte Wendes has elicited the awe and appreciation of customers around the world, who have discovered the power of her handmade jewellery to transcend the bounds of mere ornamentation.

“I feel a personal calling to create the perfectly suited piece of jewellery for the person who will be wearing it,” says Charlotte Wendes with a smile. “I love bringing out and accentuating personality and natural beauty with my creations, and to help convey the story of a great love or the key moments in a person’s life. When somebody commissions a piece of jewellery, it’s usually accompanied by a story. That story serves as my muse when I start sketching and watch as the jewellery takes shape and emerges from the blank page,” she says.

“It fills me with joy every time my customers tell me that my jewellery awakens a special feeling, evokes a certain mood, or maybe even accentuates and reflects an aspect of their personality that they love showcasing aesthetically. No work of jewellery is complete until it is worn by its deserving owner. That is what brings the jewellery to life. Each piece is created through a unique process, evolves through the years, and develops its own soul,” she says.