Design Stories

On one of my trips to Greece, it became a calling for me to create a piece of jewelry in honor of the Greek people, as a reminder to them of their pride, history and wisdom. Iwish for the Greek people to regain their strength and pride. Sophia is Greek and means wisdom, therefore I have named these special earrings "Calling Sophia Earrings".

This is "My Pineapple" necklace.

Before I was born my mother was a Pan AM stewardess and had traveled the world. As a little girl I was facinated with a charm bracelet she wore with charms from around the world. The one that I loved the most was a little pineapple from Hawaii. It was hollow with a little pearl inside. It opened my world imagening a Bounty land like Hawaii.


 Below you see a drawing of a big gold ring that I had the pleasure of designing for a couple. The husband wanted to give her a huge oval diamond that I was to design around. She wished for the ring to have a vintage feel. I ornamentet it with mini gold leaves and lot`s of mini diamonds to enhance the big center diamond.


This earring below is my big "Tropic Leaf" single earring. I is created to help make one side of the face blossom and strong- feminine/maskuline. 

In London there is a fantastic lady who loves traditional design with an artistic feel. I have been so lucky to design to pieces of jewelry for her given with love by her husband. The ring below is in white gold with diamonds. She wished for her intials to be integrated and an eternity patern through the ring as symbol. Here is how it came out.

Later I have had the pleasure to design these earrings for her below. Again traditional but with a twist of the left and right earring being different but compatable as a pair.


The diamond in the bracelet was given as a celebration af a neww little one being born. The mother wishes to wear her jewelry everyday and we therefore decided to integrate the diamond in a bracelet given some years before.




Bliv inspireret!